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Remember us—if at all—not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men.

no one ever asks me anything but i hoard alllll these fuckin gifs jUST IN CASE someone ever does. like. “im waiting. i am ready with my 108357 gifs that i have never gotten to use”

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Just- ok I’m serious watch this right now trust me.


Sam is thirteen when he reads Wuthering Heights for the first time for his English class.

He doesn’t understand it.

“They had choices,” he says to Mr. Stockton, his English teacher. “And they made the worst ones.”

“That’s what a tragedy is, Sam,” his English teacher says, somber as he nods. “A story about people with flaws or a conflict with some higher power that leads to their destruction.”

Sam’s brows draw together in surprise and confusion, blinking against the hazy late afternoon sunlight that fall in slices through the blinds on the windows.

But they had choices he wants to repeat.

Instead, he says, “I thought Wuthering Heights was supposed to be a romance.”

“If you think love equals obsession with someone and find the destruction of yourself and everyone around you for the sake of it romantic, then yes. It’s a romance.”

He doesn’t understand, not then—not yet—but he nods anyway.


He’s fourteen when he reads Romeo and Juliet for his ninth-grade English class.

Star-crossed lovers and he understands them so much better than Cathy and Heathcliff. He can’t articulate why, exactly, but he feels it to his bones.


He’s sixteen when he kisses his brother for the very first time, soft, tentative brush of lips that sears him to his soul, branded forever by the way Dean kisses him back, hand coming up to touch his cheek, shaking with the faintest tremor he’s never seen in his brother’s hand.

This hand that has held guns and killed monsters since before Sam knew monsters were real, cupping his face, so gentle, pulling him in, and it breaks his heart to know how fragile Dean really is, vows then and there never to let him shatter. Wraps his arms around his brother’s shoulders and kisses him with wild, fierce promise.


He’s eighteen when he finally understands Wuthering Heights, staring into the truth of his father’s face for the very first time.


He’s barely twenty-six when Dean dies for the final time, ripped apart by Hellhounds. Twenty-six and he has nothing but this empty hole through the middle of him, aching and crying out his brother’s name, heart beating like a fist wrapped in blood.

He kisses still, pallid lips one last time, cleans his brother’s body and dresses him in fresh clothes, digs a grave and commits him to the ground. He lies against the fresh-turned dirt when it’s done, one hand clasping the amulet around his neck, tears slowly turning the loose earth against his cheek into mud.

He lies there until the sky lightens, slate gray at its edge, and wishes for even a single drop of poison.






"these kids"


At some point maybe they will realize they need to make him stop doing interviews. Or at least limit him to questions he can answer with “poop”.

It think he tried…

…and failed dismally

Like, he’s been to a few cons. Surely he realises that the people who go to cons are the same people who write fic and that they aren’t ‘kids’?

Surely by now they’ve realised that they should only let Hoechlin out to do interviews. And maybe a few of the others with (his) supervision. But never Posey. Just, never. 

MTV do employ actual PR people, right? /facepalm

No he didn’t fail. You just don’t like his fucking answer.

I don’t think he means “these kids” disparagingly. Go watch the fucking video for context and stop finding reasons to complain about every damn thing he does. Like I can’t take a bunch of fucking assholes insulting his intelligence in all these roundabout ways and still thinking themselves high and mighty enough to make comments like this. Tyler Posey spent the weekend answering questions putting all his heart into it and you’re trying to find something bad about what he’s saying here even though he literally just said that he thinks what the fans do with fanfiction is great. 

Like the Teen Wolf fandom is made up of mostly high school kids and people around his age. I don’t think saying “these kids” is a problem. I really don’t think he means “these children.” I find it strange that people need Posey to take every single thing into consideration every time he talks or does something and when he doesn’t (because it’s fucking impossible) suddenly he’s a fucking unintelligent barbarian that they should keep in a cage. He can’t win for fucking losing with you people.

literally get the fuck over yourselves. 

seriously jesus fucking christ. i thought his answer was good. he could have been like “no fanfiction is sick!” but instead hes saying it’s neat. like fucking really. he’s not saying “kids” as in small fucking children he’s meaning people in general. like get the fuck over it

marinashutup on feminism

"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!" - Is Feminism Sexist? (x)


Wincest AU: To cope with Dean becoming a demon, Sam makes a deal of his own, protection for Dean if he agrees to become a demon too. When he finds out, Dean does the only thing he can think to do and sends them both back where they belong. Hell thrives under its new regime.


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Supernatural Season 9 Meme
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It’s all right, Cas. You were right. You were right about everything.
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